About Hoo Hoops:


“I didn’t invent the hoop earring. I just made the perfect hoop for today.”

To me, the hoop should be your go-to earring, and yes, I wear them everyday and that’s why I do so many colors.
Growing up in the South around strong-willed ladies, I understood the power of the hoop. These simple earrings were a thing of beauty and subtle strength. Women are united by many things, but the hoop says to all, “That woman has style.”
On the Lacrosse field, I further understood how women protect and support each other on and off the field.
With my love of fashion, college graduation money and the determination instilled in me by Grandma Gaga, I designed my hoops and made it happen for me and for you.
From the classic tortoise my preppy mother wore to the hot pink, there is a hoop that will help you express yourself. My hoops are lightweight and hypoallergenic (a lesson I learned the hard way).
And yes, I’ve been called Hoo since I was little all the way to my lacrosse days, so there was no better name for my company.




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